Merch by Amazon SEO Ultimate Guide

Merch by Amazon can be tricky. You can earn a lot from it or you can stand in the crowd and never make the best out of it. Have you ever wondered why you can’t make as many selling as others on Merch? No matter how much effort you put in it, you just can’t figure out what’s the key to success. Well, one of the reasons why this may happen is because you don’t know how to SEO your listing properly. A good selection of keywords can really turn you from zero to hero and bust your business. Sounds easy now, huh? Follow this article to know how to rock your business by simply using Merch by Amazon SEO! Hey, if it’s free, it’s worth a try!

First thing to clarify is: What exactly SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it defines all of the activities that generate organic traffic on a website.

Speaking of Merch by Amazon, what bursts the traffic to your page is the creation of easy – to – find contents. Especially, it’s about your merch t-shirt The easier is a shirt to be found, the more likely is that many people will be able to see it and possibly like it. If they like your shirt, it will probably soon pop up on the first search pages on Merch by Amazon! The aim of the site is to sell so it wants to advertise shirts that customers may like. That’s what we called Merch by Amazon SEO.

Now, here it comes the big fat question: what are the actual factors that influence Merch by Amazon SEO the most?

  • Title
  • Brand
  • Bullet Points
  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate
  • BSR
  • Reviews/ Price

All of the above-mentioned factors are influenced by Keywords and Keyword Research. Depending on the niches that you decide to hit on, keywords must be different. It is therefore important to ask yourself first:

  • Who are the members of my niches and how old are they on average?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What slang do they use?
  • Who are the competitors?

When you know those things, it is easier to influence the customer’s search results by matching perfectly the kind of text that she/he may insert.

How to do Merch by Amazon SEO nicely?

Title optimization

The list’s title is still the most valuable thing on the Amazon Product List. It will have the greatest impact on product performance so be careful because it could have a good impact on your sales as well as  very bad one if not optimized well.

The title should not be of more than 115 – 144 characters and the main informations should be within the first keywords. It should contain elements such as the brand name, the material of the shirt, the key features, informations about the packaging and additional target keywords for the Amazon BSR.

It should not be as well to popular or generic because you don’t want to compete against thousands and thousands of t-shirts! Always same story. You gotta play it smart. Ask yourself what would you search if you were a customer and you had in mind the exact shirt that your brand happens to sell.

Just to give you an example, try to picture yourself in this situation: you have just designed you cat t-shirt and you are ready to sell it on Merch. What title would you use?

Merch by Amazon SEO

Can you see all of the results for this title? Well it is pretty bad that you put such a big effort in designing that shirt just for hardly get any selling, right?

What about this?

Merch by Amazon SEO

Better but stil not fully satisfying, uhu? Be more specific and try again

Merch by Amazon SEO

We are getting there…

Merch by Amazon SEO

There it is. Now you only have to compete against 64 other t-shirts, which compared to the 149 ish that you got with the first title is a pretty good result!

Branding for your Merch t-shirt

The Brand should not be the same for every product and for any niche but it should actually change everytime that you create a t – shirt that belong to a different category than the previous ones. Since the brand is the first thing that people see when scrolling through the Amazon results, if you manage to use appealing and relevant keywords. I is more likely that they will click on your product. Merch by Amazon SEO isn’t so hard, as long as you know what to do.

Bullet points and listing optimization

You have 2 Bullet Points to use, so make the best of them. Here, that’s where you are trying to sell your shirts. Indeed, you already have the title, right? So you know already which are the most important and, hopefully, the most profitable. Well, now find their synonyms and develop them in a sentence format. Why don’t you try to persuade them instead of simply describing the shirt, which by the way they can already see in the picture on the left. Give them useful informations about the product that don’t show in the picture. This way they will know what they are shooting for and will not be disappointed once they get the shirt (positive review about your product!).

Remember, again, I’ll never get tired to repeat myself on this: it is always better to place for many keywords with discrete competition rather than using a few keywords but very competitive. It will be harder to raise from the crowd that way and even though your shirt doesn’t sell bad at all, it may end up in some pages far from the first ones due to the high competition.

There are many tools out there that will help you through this.

Merch research tools

One of them is SpyAMZ , which has become over the years the largest MBA Design Database by using very simple tools like keywords research & analysis, daily rank tracking, list tracking, trending alert and so on.

Spyamz Merch by Amazon SEO

Speaking of aspects of the Merch by Amazon SEO which are not directly related to keywords but yet influenced by them, let me talk about the CTR and the Conversion Rate.

Assuming that even if you are reading this article you may not necessarily know what these two are, let me give you a quick explanation:

CTR stands for Click Through Rate and when it comes to Merch by Amazon it identifies how many persons see your product listing from the search results page and click on it. Amazon gives much credit to this factor because if people click on your products, that means that they are attractive and potentially they sell well.

The Conversion Rate is the other side of the coin. Obviously, if people are not interested in your product, they won’t click on your listing. Thus, you will not get any conversions. Again, if you make sure that you choose your product’s keyword as carefully as possible, covering all of the questions that a customer might have, you should be a big step ahead of others.

To me, Reviews and Price could easily go together since they are very closely related. If a customer perceives the price as fair, she/he will be more likely to leave a positive review. Positive reviews lead to higher rank which leads to more sells. It is such a virtuous circle!

Sum up for Merch by Amazon SEO

Actually, it depends on keywords and on their optimization. From there all the other good things follow, like more views, more traffic, more sales, and so on. All of this lies on a thin balance. Keyword stuffing is totally bad and now you can get banned from Merch by Amazon.

Some of the main points that I have covered here had already been quoted in the previous article on How to find the best keywords and use them for Merch by Amazon, so if you are interested, you are more than welcome to take a look! Also, if you’re new to the Merch game, you can find wonderful tutorial and guide at The Ultimate Getting Started Guide for Merch By Amazon. Good luck with your merch!


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    Thanks for sharing a link to my article! I love using SpyAMZ for research.

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