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12M+ Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Database

12M+ Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Database

You'll have full access to all 12M+ (and counting) Merch by Amazon data at your fingertips. All are updated hourly to give you the latest insight.
Make Better Market Research Decisions

Make Better Market Research Decisions

SpyAMZ provides you all tools to help you make better T-Shirt design decisions: Keyword Research, Daily Rank Tracking, List Tracking, Trending Alert, and many more.
Keep Track of Best Seller Rank

Keep Track of Best Seller Rank

Our Merch research and tracking tool will take you one step ahead of the game so you will never miss out any new trend and win the Merch game.

Largest Merch by Amazon Design database on Earth

To win the Merch game, it is important that you keep tracking the situation. We proudly present you the detailed ranking, trending and analysis of all 12M+ T-shirts from every corner of Merch by Amazon market.
Infiltrate The Base

Research in seconds

To keep you informed about EVERYTHING from Merch market, we are always staying ahead of the curve by updating the database HOURLY. This gives you the latest feeds of the market better than any other tool
Not only that, SpyAMZ keeps track of ALL upcoming event might inspire your T-shirt designs. Amazingly you will be the first to know the market's insights. Small investment, yet superior benefits with SpyAMZ.
Explore the Trends

It's all about Merch by Amazon

Perfectly Designed

Perfectly Designed

Perfect to pixels, SpyAMZ brings you the ultimate experience of Merch by Amazon research
Super Merch Hunter

Super Merch Hunter

T-shirt database was so well-organized that you can search and track for any items.
Keywords Analytics

Keywords Analytics

Recognize any hot keywords and trends with SpyAMZ within 12M+ Merch T-shirts
Trademark Checking

Trademark Checking

Avoid Trademark hammer by searching for Clothing Trademark with SpyAMZ
Categorized Favorites

Categorized Favorites

Group items, manage your tracked shirts, you can even take note of your design ideas, either!
Image Resizer

Image Resizer

Save time editing your artwork! SpyAMZ can resize it to match Amazon required image dimension in a few sec.

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“Merch by Amazon - SpyAMZ helped me upgrading my Merch account tier in just a month. I've never imagined such effective it is, SpyAMZ provide a very easy interface to use, with a massive pool of designs for your search and many more great features”

Jenni Pham, Merch by Amazon Seller

“I wanted to thank you for developing this tool. I am most pretty excited about the usability of it, while I can take note, manage my tracked items and plan for keyword optimization. The features are all great and awesome.”

Inniss Stephen, Merch by Amazon T-shirt Designer

“I'm so satisfied with SpyAMZ and will refer this to my friends. The customer support is fast and very useful. They're always ready to provide you many tips while working with Merch by Amazon and guide you how to spy the best designs"

McConnell Leanne, Merch by Amazon Content creator

“Rated 5 stars for SpyAMZ. Never been more satisfied. You can foreseen upcoming events, similar design for those events, trademark alert to avoid banned items, user-friendly interface with fast loading speed. It can even show you dead t-shirts so that you can consult and avoid the same fate”

Hoang Nhat, Eutrepreneur with Merch by Amazon


Merch by Amazon success secret.

Merch Keyword Research & Analysis.

9 Million may sound like a lot. However, with our keyword research & analysis tool, you can filter the unnecessary low-profit designs and focus on winning designs. You can also check for seasonal trending keywords so you can catch the trend and step ahead of the game.

  • Check most repetitive keyword by day
  • Report most repetitive one-word, two-word or three-word keywords 
  • Display detailed shirt analysis with ranking based on each keyword.

Merch by Amazon Niche Hunter!

Using Trend Hunter is the easiest way to know which design is trending. Just one click and you will get a detail analysis of all the fastest growing T-shirt designs in the market. Your job is then to come up with the best design of these trending niche T-shirts and start partying for the EZ WIN.

  • Report 100 fastest growing T-shirts.
  • Detailed ranking of every design
  • Update All-day everyday so you’ll never miss out.

Merch T-Shirt Tracker x Trademark Checker.

Want to track a specific set of designs to check its potential? Simply hit save and manage them in groups. Or you doubt that a keyword had Trademark or not? Just search for keywords, phrase or a sentence, SpyAMZ can trace back to Trademark license and help you recognize hidden threats.

  • Save favorite designs for later.
  • Easily check Trademark for design idea.
  • Unlimited tracking. 

Merch by Amazon Growth hack

In God we trust; all others must bring Data. 9,999,999+ T-shirts & Keywords ranking data every day must not be wrong!

How to use SpyAMZ to research Merch by Amazon?

Login with your Facebook or Gmail to enter SpyAMZ - Merch by Amazon research tool
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Hunt Merch Trend
Advanced Search with many filters: Time, Rank, Price, Brand, Product Types, Sudden Increase, BSR, Trends, and many more about Merch by Amazon shirts
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Upcoming Events
Forecast future trends by going in Events feature of SpyAMZ, including relevant designs for events so that you can design your Merch by Amazon shirts priorly
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Keywords Analytics
Find your best keywords and optimize your listing with Keywords Analytics. You can see the count of each hottest words next to them
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Categorized Favorites
Group items, name them, manage t-shirts, keep track of all and even you can take note/write description for each group to store your idea notes
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SpyAMZ provides the latest and overall stats of Merch by Amazon market, keeping you ahead of the curve before any market change.
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Image Resizer
This tool can help you resize your artwork into Merch by Amazon required dimension (4500x5400 for T-shirts and 4500x4500 for hoodies) in a few seconds.
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