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With the sovereign power of technology, we collected all Merch by Amazon items for you. SpyAMZ will give your business a boost which you can never imagine, including Advance listing optimization, superb features, and ultimate t-shirt database.

What is SpyAMZ

SpyAMZ is the best Merch by Amazon research tool, serving all niches you request. With 10 million t-shirts database, advanced merch hunt tool, trademark checker, trend and keywords analytics, you WILL be satisfied.

Beneficial Invest

Beneficial Invest

Small investment, yet great benefits in returned
Rocket your Sales

Rocket your Sales

Sell what people are looking for = a lot of money

Awesome features

We are also Merch sellers, we know what you need. Therefore, we always work so hard to empower SpyAMZ with great features: Events, Trending items, Finding similar designs, and many more to come.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Not only talented at customer support, but also handsome.
Power Growth

Power Growth

With SpyAMZ, Merch by Amazon is yours to research.

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Returned Subscribers

“Merch by Amazon - SpyAMZ helped me upgrading my Merch account tier in just a month. I've never imagined such effective it is, SpyAMZ provide a very easy interface to use, with a massive pool of designs for your search and many more great features”

Jenni Pham, Merch by Amazon Seller

“I wanted to thank you for developing this tool. I am most pretty excited about the usability of it, while I can take note, manage my tracked items and plan for keyword optimization. The features are all great and awesome.”

Inniss Stephen, Merch by Amazon T-shirt Designer

“I'm so satisfied with SpyAMZ and will refer this to my friends. The customer support is fast and very useful. They're always ready to provide you many tips while working with Merch by Amazon and guide you how to spy the best designs"

McConnell Leanne, Merch by Amazon Content creator

“Rated 5 stars for SpyAMZ. Never been more satisfied. You can foreseen upcoming events, similar design for those events, trademark alert to avoid banned items, user-friendly interface with fast loading speed. It can even show you dead t-shirts so that you can consult and avoid the same fate”

Hoang Nhat, Eutrepreneur with Merch by Amazon

Director Board

Meet Our Team

The Elite team that makes SpyAMZ come true. All of them are Professionals with a lot of experience in Merch by Amazon and Website development.

Our Story

We started as Merch sellers, just like you. We have been through a lot with Merch by Amazon and we know what a Merch seller needs: An Ultimate Superior Merch by Amazon Research tool. Then, SpyAMZ was born.

Started career as Merch seller

Our first step into the Merch by Amazon T-shirt game

Started the dream of building a superior Merch research tool

Our first models and ideas of SpyAMZ were formed

Finished SpyAMZ Development

SpyAMZ was finished building and ready to work

Officially Released

We released the tool and keep it updated and empower it with additional features every month
SpyAMZ- The best Research tool
for Merch by Amazon
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