Policies and Terms

SpyAMZ Policies and Terms of Service


  1. When you subscribe to SpyAMZ, you will have the access to all of the database, along with all of the current features at 24/7, no limit in usage.
  2. When you cancel the subscription, you will still have the access till the end of your subscription.
  3. There are 2 payment gateway: PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards.
  4. Coupon can be applied to subscription. when you cancel the subscription, the effect of the Coupon will be lost.
  5. Each order allows only one coupon or one promotion.
  6. No allowance for fraudulent Credit cards and disputed PayPal balance. Any chargeback from the card’s bank, PayPal, will result in your account and IP banned forever.
  7. No refund for the case you forgot to cancel the subscription before the next renewal, or simply you don’t want to use the tool anymore.
  8. No refund for the case you forgot to use the tool, low usage of the tool in the time of your subscription.
  9. You can cancel the subscription anytime. If you are using credit cards, please go to Settings / Billing and you can see a Cancel button next to Change Plan. If you are using PayPal, please go to PayPal to cancel Preapproved Payment: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-a-subscription-faq577.
  10. Each account only allows 1 login session. The new login will kick the old login out.
  11. Changing IP repeatedly suddenly in a short time will trigger the Security system and may temporarily restrict your account.
  12. We do not freeze accounts for later usage.
  13. No allowance on crawling data, extracting data or exploiting data of SpyAMZ for beneficial purposes.
  14. Do not change or break the displaying rule of the tool.
  15. No allowance on SpyAMZ accounts reselling.
  16. SpyAMZ has a Security system which has the right to lock your account without informing nor noticing you.
  17. SpyAMZ has the right to lock your account, stop providing service if we detect any fraudulent activity on your account or violation of any terms above.
  18. SpyAMZ has the right to deny you from the service.
  19. SpyAMZ ensures to protect your personal information and guarantees would not expose it to any 3rd party.