Merch by Amazon UK – Germany: New Markets

Merch by Amazon is now available for the 2 new markets: United Kingdom and Germany. You will find a dropdown at your market section in your dashboard, which lets you select the markets ( or These 2 markets will open up to many opportunities, also challenges will be coming.

Merch by Amazon UK – DE market availability

On July 31st, Amazon announced the open of  the UK – Germany markets for Merch by Amazon Program. This means, you can sell your designed T-shirts to people in 2 new areas. If you’ve already had a Merch by Amazon account, you may already be activated for these 2 markets, or you will need to wait for it. There’s no way to actively activate this for your account, as the same as PopSockets and Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon will activate on a rolling basis, not in a bulk. There are some people got these activated and get some sales from them. As mention above, you can switch from the 3 markets (US .com – UK and Germany and upload designs for each of them. The royalties apply the same for all. Here is the message from Amazon:

“We are excited to announce that Merch by Amazon is live in Germany ( and the United Kingdom (! We will enable accounts on a rolling basis and will notify Content Creators via email when their accounts have been approved. When an account is enabled for these new marketplaces, options to select them will become available in the product creation process. Note that we will not be able to provide updates on approvals for individual accounts. Please review our updated Content Policy and FAQs for additional information.”
– Amazon

Opportunity – Challenge

New markets, mean new customer range, a new land to explore and extract. This will also reduce the competitive rate from the default US market, draw more attention away from it. Moreover, in the UK and Germany market, they have many differences in cultures and trends, which enable you to get the very best out of it.

Nonetheless, you will need to get adapted to the new customer range, new trend, new culture and you could be doing it wrong. There’s always be a time to adapt to the new lands and adjust your design to match their desires. The culture of the UK seems to be very, very distinguished from the US. To exploit the new markets, you will need a lot of preparation and learning to earn money from it.

Last Words

New markets are always both Opportunity and Challenge. You will need to overcome the challenge and seize the opportunity to get success with Merch by Amazon. In my opinion, this is a very big update, and good for both Amazon and T-shirt content creators. The Merch by Amazon service will spread out even more, more populated and well-known. That, it’s the time we T-shirt content creators get benefits from.

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