7M+ Merch T-Shirt Database Updated Daily

7M+ Merch T-Shirt Database Updated Daily

Imagine what you could do if you have full access to all 7M+ (and counting) Amazon's Merch data at your fingertips. All rankings and datas are updated everyday so you'll always know what's next.
Make Better Market Research Decisions

Make Better Market Research Decisions

If not categorized and filtered correctly, data alone is useless. SpyAMZ provides you all tools to help you make better T-Shirt design decisions: Keyword Research, Daily Rank Tracking, List Tracking, Trending Alert, etc.
Keep Track of Top Amazon Sellers Knowing your Enemies

Keep Track of Top Amazon Sellers Knowing your Enemies

Level up the competition by knowing other Merches' moves. Our Merch research and tracking tool will give you one step ahead of the game so you will never miss out any new trend and win the T-Shirt game.

Growth hack your Merch Sale with Data

In God we trust; all others must bring Data. 7,000,000+ T-shirts & Keywords ranking data every day must not be wrong!

Lightning Fast

To keep you informed, we are always checking for new designs, new rankings, and newest design trends. As a result, you will be the first to know about the market’s latest insights. Just a small investment, but SpyAMZ will give you a great ROI.

Easy Merch Insight

As we collaborate with other merchants while developing SpyAMZ, we know that all merchants want powerful effective solutions while easy to use. Everything is right where you expect it should be and all insights are right there for you to explore.

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Key Weapons to Help You Grow Your Merch Business.

The Largest Merch by Amazon Design Database

Accessibility to the huge Merch by Amazon’s t-shirt data is our core values. To win the game, it is important that you can keep track of the situation. We have detailed ranking, trending and analysis of all 7M+ t-shirts from the best-seller to the just uploaded.

  • Update everyday
  • Easy to access
  • Detailed analysis




Keyword Research & Analysis.

7 Million may sound like a lot. However, with our keyword research & analysis tool, you can filter the unnecessary low-profit designs and focus on winning designs. You can also check for seasonal trending keywords so you can catch the trend and step ahead of the game.

  • Check most repetitive keyword by day
  • Report most repetitive one-word, two-word or three-word keywords 
  • Display detailed shirt analysis with ranking based on each keyword.


Trending Niche Hunter!

Using Trend Hunter is the easiest way to know which design is trending. Just one click and you will get a detail analysis of all the fastest growing T-shirt designs in the market. Your job is then to come up with the best design of these trending niche T-shirts and start partying for the EZ WIN.

  • Report 100 fastest growing T-shirts.
  • Detailed ranking of every design
  • Update All-day everyday so you’ll never miss out.


T-Shirt Design Tracker.

Want to track a specific set of designs to check its potential to put foot on the table? Just search for its name, keyword, or ASIN. Tracking designs is easier than ever.

  • Save favorite designs for later.
  • Easily search and save.
  • Unlimited tracking. 


Great features come at a small & flexible price.

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